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Elevate your style to new heights with this dual-sided bow tie featuring an embroidered dot pattern on one side and our Parfait floral pattern on the other.

The muted pink tones and bohemian-inspired floral pattern exude a sense of romantic charm making it an ideal complement to various wedding themes. Whether you're going for a whimsical or contemporary vibe, this bow tie effortlessly blends in while adding a hint of uniqueness.

The reversible feature of this bow tie offers unmatched versatility. During the ceremony, your groomsmen can sport the classic embroidered side, creating a cohesive and polished look that complements their suits flawlessly. As the festivities transition into the reception, they can effortlessly switch to the captivating floral pattern side, infusing a touch of liveliness and charm to the celebration.

Macaron Pink Reversible Free-Style Bow Tie